It is as simple as it sounds! Earn real money with MyCashTasks!


FAQ You can find below the answers to the most frequent questions. Just click on a question and see the answer.

  • How do I earn the money?
    Major companies all over the world are hiring companies like us to ask people their opinion on different products and services. In order for you to tell your opinion, they pay certain amounts of money . The most important fact to remember is that you will not get rich by completing the tasks, but you can earn extra money from doing this.
  • Is this website a scam?
    No! Companies pay us for your activity and afterwards, we share between %30 to %90 of our income with you.
  • Which is the method of payment that you use?
    You will get paid via PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Or Payza(AlertPay)
  • How many surveys will I be asked to complete?
    This depends on you. You can fill out as many tasks and surveys as you like, The more you do, the more you earn !
  • Do I have to pay anything?
    No, the registration is for free. Also, we do not have a membership fee.
  • Is this all online?
    Yes, all the tasks are completed online.
  • Are all my details safe?
    Yes, all your details are safe. They will be shared only with us and the companies for which you complete the tasks. No 3rd parties will be involved in the process without your consent.
  • How often am I paid?
    We are pay within 24- 72 hours since the momeny you CASHOUT. For the referrals, we pay every Friday.