It is as simple as it sounds! Earn real money with MyCashTasks!

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    Companies all over the world are spending lots on money on people that give their opinion about their services or products. At MyCashTasks we spend the money on you! You should consider this as an extra income, besides your job.

    Spending time on the Internet and earning real money is easier now! Our website is open to people all over the world.
    It is a win-win situation for both us and you, as advertisers are paying us and we pay you for filling in the tasks.

    When you do the tasks proposed by us, you do what the advertisers need you to do: test their products and services. All you have to do is register to Mycashtasks and fill out surveys!
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  • Solve Tasks Online

    Resolve tasks and surveys online following the instructions. It will not take longer than 25 minutes.
  • We Get Paid

    The advertisers and our partners are paying us for your activity
  • You Get Rewarded!

    Our income will be shared with you. You will gain from 40 up to 60% from our income. The money go directly to your paypal account.


  • Your data is confidential
  • We follow the rules of the Data Protection Act
  • All the notifications sent by us are relevant
  • You can unregister from our services at any time

NOT a get rich quick scheme

Completing tasks online will not assure you a full income as a job does, but it is a good source of gaining extra money. There are many websites which promise you that you will get lots of money solving the tasks, but everybody knows this is not true. The most important thing that you should know is that we pay real money. If this is what you want, you came to the right place!



Complete the survey and earn $0.75. Answer all questions honestly

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Click the link, sign up for this website, confirm your email and earn cash


  • How do I earn the money?
    Major companies all over the world are hiring companies like us to ask people their opinion on different products and services. In order for you to tell your opinion, they pay certain amounts of money . The most important fact to remember is that you will not get rich by completing the tasks, but you can earn extra money from doing this.
  • Is this website a scam?
    No! Companies pay us for your activity and afterwards, we share between %30 to %90 of our income with you.
  • Which is the method of payment that you use?
    You will get paid via PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Or Payza(AlertPay)
  • How many surveys will I be asked to complete?
    This depends on you. You can fill out as many tasks and surveys as you like, The more you do, the more you earn !
  • Do I have to pay anything?
    No, the registration is for free. Also, we do not have a membership fee.
  • Is this all online?
    Yes, all the tasks are completed online.
  • Are all my details safe?
    Yes, all your details are safe. They will be shared only with us and the companies for which you complete the tasks. No 3rd parties will be involved in the process without your consent.
  • How often am I paid?
    We are pay within 24- 72 hours since the momeny you CASHOUT. For the referrals, we pay every Friday.

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